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Our economic activity is shaped by optimization and innovation. Ongoing change by increasing flexibility, virtuality and the strive for success. Those dynamics challenge the organization and the people.

Mindful Management developed a management of change method that understands an organization as an organism. Beside the typical professional development we draw our attention to the physical and mental development of the people, the smallest cell of your corporate organism. This concrete experience of change by topics like posture and breathing is easily transferred to the situation of your company. Your leaders and employees will get a new perspective and by their personal success their scope of action is increased also in business context. Beside the general increase in physical and mental health.

The mindful method of change supports your strategic business by acknowledging the body and socio-cultural needs of today’s society and your company. A with economic needs balanced and process oriented approach which integrates change mindfully and sustainable.

You are interested in the method? I’m pleased to invite you for a personal conversation.

Sincerely, Tia Maria Troch


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